About BrewLin Coffee Co.

Hello! Welcome to BrewLin Coffee Co. So glad you’re here.

I’m Linda Reid, the founder of BrewLin Coffee Co.™ and the Lin in BrewLin. I am just a person who loves coffee. I enjoy coffee so much, that I’ve decided to turn my passion and appreciation for coffee into a flourishing virtual store. I have been fortunate to have traveled to some of the top coffee-producing countries in the world, Jamaica, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico. And I would like nothing more than to share some of those flavors with other coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs. BrewLin Coffee Co.™ offers a variety of the world’s finest coffee, customized to your taste, and delivered at your doorstep. We know you will enjoy your BrewLin coffee, just as much as we enjoy providing it to you, because at BrewLin Coffee Co.™ We believe that Life begins with good coffee.

Our Decaf coffee uses the Swiss Water Process (SWP) to rinse caffeine out of our beans gently. Producing the best tasting decaf coffee, 100% chemical free.

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Monday - Friday - 9am - 4pm ET
35 Linsley Way, Covington, GA 30016